No Bake Oreo Cupcake Icecream | Easy Icecream Recipe | Mintsrecipes #263

This no bake Oreo cupcake ice cream is one which is being requested by lots of my fans. So I am uploading today this recipe. This Oreo recipe will impress everyone. Visit

6 oreo biscuits
Vanilla ice cream
100 grams dark chocolate
Colourful sprinklers
Whipped cream
Cherry for garnishing
How to make oreo ice cream cupcake:
Take 6 pieces of silicon moulds and put each mould into muffin tray.
Now put oreo biscuit at the bottom of the mould and then pour some vanilla ice cream, spread it evenly.
Now melt dark chocolate by using a double boiler or you can microwave it for few seconds and put the melted chocolate onto the layer of ice cream and spread some colourful sprinklers.
Lastly, garnish it with whipped cream and topped with a cherry.
Put it in a refrigerator and freeze it for 5-6 hours or until set.
Take out from the fridge at the time of serving and immediately serve.

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